EFCO Equipment is the exclusive agent for BOMAG (Germany), the world’s largest and leading company for road works equipment and compaction of earth and asphalt. The BOMAG range of equipment is considered to be the most reliable and high-quality in its field, supported by the most advanced technologies in the market. 

  • Substrate steamroller – vibration steamroller for infrastructures and roads
  • Road steamrollers – cylindrical motorized steamroller for paving roads
  • Pneumatic steamroller – for asphalt compaction work
  • Compact steamroller – a small cylindrical steamroller for widths ranging from 65 to 140 cm.
  • Compactor – for landfills, recycling sites, and clay-like soil
  • Light equipment – for work in narrow places and trenches
  • Asphalt spreaders – for road layering
  • Scarifiers – for removal and recycling of asphalt
  • Clod-crushers – for soil stabilizing work